Day, Son & Hewitt Feel Good 30 Garlic, Parsley and Linseed Oil

Concentrated supplement for all-round well being


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Day, Son & Hewitt's Feel Good 30 Garlic, Parsley and Linseed Oil supplement is an easily absorbed, concentrated natural oil for all-round well-being and vitality. With concentrated garlic oil, parsley oil, soya and linseed oil. This concentrated blend is good for circulation, respiration, digestion as well as coat and skin care. 30 day supply.

Feeding Guidelines

Large Horses - 6 squirts = 45ml.

Average Horses - 4 squirts = 30ml.

Ponies - 2 squirts = 15ml.

What's in it 

Garlic oil, Soya oil, Linseed oil and Parsley oil.

Size Guide

Available in 950 millilitres.