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Corral Solar Energiser Sun Power S2

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equus bullet Highly effective compact solar powered energiser.

equus bullet Ideal for hose paddocks and smaller fence systems without vegetation.

equus bullet Long battery life with 2 weeks run time without sun.

equus bullet Green LED for function status and red LED for battery status.

equus bullet Included is a solar unit, an AGM battery, 12 volt, 4 Ah and a solar module.

equus bullet 12 volt, 3 watt, 230 volt power pack to recharge the gel battery or to trickle charge during the winter months.

The Corral Solar Energiser Sun Power S2 is a highly effective, compact solar energiser providing protection for battery voltage below 11.2 volts. Intelligent battery management and deep discharge protection allow for two weeks of operational time without sun, leading to a longer battery life. A green LED indicates the energiser's status while a red LED displays the battery's status. Included in the delivery is the solar energiser, an AGM battery (12V 4Ah), a 3W, 230V power pack, a connector cable for fence and earth connection, and a ground spike.

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