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Three step mud fever treatment pack

This pack from Carr & Day & Martin is the ultimate winter skin protection kit which can be used to cleanse, relieve and protect vulnerable areas. An excellent instruction manual is provided to help owners to confidently treat the problem and prevent it from re-occurrence. The preparations are specially formulated with essential oils to soothe sore skin and promote healing in the best environment.


equus bullet Simple 1-2-3 Cleanse, Relieve and Protect process to help in the management of mud fever

equus bullet Step 1 - a gentle antibacterial cleanser with soothing herbal extracts to soften and lift the scabs

equus bullet Step 2 - a concentrated, moisturising antifungal and antibacterial balm which soothes, protects and relieves irritated skin

equus bullet Step 3 - an antibacterial salve containing natural mineral greases and citronella, this forms a waterproof barrier protecting the skin from bacterial infection in wet and muddy conditions

equus bullet The 'Step 3' Salve is also useful for cuts and grazes to give anti-bacterial protection

equus bullet Full and comprehensive instruction booklet provided

equus bullet Horse care sponge included

equus bullet Professional leg wrap included for use as part of the 'step 2' process. 

We Say

Take the confusion out of treating mud fever with this 'one stop shop' kit, they've thought of everything and the instruction booklet really helps especially if you're dealing with this for the first time.

Suggested uses

 For the comprehensive treatment of mud fever and other related skin conditions.


Kit contains:

Instruction booklet, Antibacterial Cleanser (250ml), Horse care sponge, Soothing Antibacterial and Antifungal Balm (180ml), Professional Leg Wrap (150m), Protective Salve Barrier (500g).