Carr & Day & Martin Insect Repellent Gel


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Long lasting gel that repels midges, flies and biting insects

This excellent repellent gel from Carr & Day & Martin is easy to apply and dries quickly without leaving a residue. It's ideal for those sensitive areas such as eyes and face. The long lasting, effective formula repels all flying and biting insects and even lasts in the odd summer shower.


equus bullet Contains no Citronella

equus bullet Ideal for sensitive or difficult to reach places

equus bullet Great for horses who don't like sprays

equus bullet Weather resistant quick drying gel that doesn't leave any sticky residue.

We Say

So many fly repellents contain citronella these days, it's hard to find one that doesn't! We like the gel formulation which is perfect for those horses who have sensitive skin.

Suggested uses

Everyday riding, hacking, and turnout in the summer months.


equus bullet Margosa extract - also known as Neem. A well known natural insecticide and repellent which also has anti fungal properties.

equus bullet Australian tea tree oil - anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties which has repellent properties

equus bullet D-limonene - an oil derived from citrus fruit, commonly oranges and has excellent insecticidal properties.

Care Instructions

Keep the lid shut after use to prevent it from drying up.

Size Guide

Available in a 250ml tube.