Busse Modena Anatomical Bridle

Beautifully designed anatomic bridle


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The Busse Modena Bridle is an anatomically shaped, high-quality bridle made of the finest quality Italian leather. Its anatomical design ensures that there is minimal stress on sensitive nerve tracts, blood vessels and delicate bones of the nasal bridge and cheek.


equus bullet Very adjustable - for ideal adaption to the anatomy of the individual horse's skull.

equus bullet Anatomically designed for the comfort for your horse. 

equus bullet Softly padded and divided poll piece which is adapted to the limited space behind the ears.

equus bullet Elevated poll bridge with individual length adjustment for an optimal pressure distribution and pressure reduction on the vertebra's.

equus bullet Noseband attached to headpiece via buckles on both sides.

equus bullet Throat lash adjustable on both sides.

equus bullet Curved browband with large, white glittering crystals.

equus bullet Reins not included.

equus bullet Bit not included.

equus bullet Available in Black, Black and White or Brown (Busse call it Hazel).

Size Guide

Available in Cob and Full sizes.