Busse Flexi Exercise Combo Fly Rug II

Ride on fly rug with detachable neck


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The Busse Flexi Exercise Fly Rug II is a mesh rug that is designed for riding. This rug has all the benefits of a ride on fly rug but allows you to choose between having full body coverage or leaving the neck and shoulders free allowing more movement if you want to do more than hacking. The rug prevents your horse form being bothered by flies while out riding or whilst schooling, making an easier ride and a happy horse. 


equus bullet Lightweight, finely woven polyester fabric.

equus bullet Special cut to the sides for clear riding aids.

equus bullet Wrap around design that fits neatly under the saddle flaps.

equus bullet Broad velcro fastening at the withers.

equus bullet Fillet string.

equus bullet Available in Navy.

Suggested uses

General riding, schooling.

Size Guide

Available in sizes 5'3-5'6, 5'9, 6'0-6'3, 6'6, 6'9-7'0, 7'3. For detailed measurements please see our Busse Rugs Size Guide.