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Brinicombe Think Itch

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Brinicombe Think Itch is a horse skin supplement incorporating the internationally renowned Think Fly formula combined with ingredients that support a healthy immune system and maintain healthy skin. Think Itch is fortified with Think Fly which works from the inside to provide a consistent 24 hour deterrent from midges and contains a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements to support a healthy immune system. This supplements also contains zinc and linseed oil which are important nutrients for the support of skin condition. This product is BETA NOPS approved.

Feeding Guidelines

There is an initial loading rate with this product for the first 4 weeks of feeding. Mix with a damp feed, gradually building up to the required rate over seven days.

Loading Rate:

Horses - 5 scoops per day

Ponies - 4 scoops per day

Normal Rate (after 4 week loading period):

Horses - 4 scoops per day

Ponies - 3 scoops per day

What's in it

Herbs & Spices, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, Garlic, Linseed Oil, Cider Apple Vinegar, Nicotinic Acid.

Size Guide

Available in a 4 kilogram tub.