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Barrier Grass And Stable Stain Remover

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Quickly dissolves heavy soiling with ease

When bathing isn't an option, this Barrier stain removing spray is a brilliant alternative. Simply spray on to problem areas, no rinsing or water is required, and see those unsightly stains dissapear. 


equus bullet No water or rinsing required

equus bullet Quick and easy to use

equus bullet Dissolves and removes heavy soiling including mud, dirt, urine, manure, dried sweat and grass stains

equus bullet No soap, detergent, bleach or peroxide

equus bullet 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients

equus bullet Includes Avocado oil that is high in vitamins A, D and E and deep conditions hair and skin

equus bullet Great for greys and coloured horses as it lifts green or yellow oxidation away from hair with speed and ease.


Non-toxic, non-irritant, 100% natural ingredients. Pure concentrated avocado oil.

Size Guide

Available in a 400ml spray bottle.