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Aqueous Anti-Bacterial Horse Shampoo

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This gentle shampoo from Aqueous leaves the coat, mane and tail feeling soft and smelling fresh. It reduces the risk of cross contamination as part of a general hygiene regime. It can be used to clean sores, scrapes and mud fever in horses.


equus bullet Carries on working for a number of days after application.

equus bullet Effective against strangles, parvo virus and ringworm.

equus bullet Contains a water based disinfectant.

equus bullet Anti-itch, soothing shampoo.

equus bullet Disinfects and soothes minor skin wounds.

equus bullet Alcohol and phenol free.

equus bullet Contains an effective deodoriser.

equus bullet Competition safe.

equus bullet Soothing makes it great for mud fever.

equus bullet Tested to EN1276, EN1650 and EN14476.

equus bullet Hosepipe attachment automatically dilutes eliminating the need for a bucket.


Alcohol and phenol free.

Size Guide

Available in a 1L bottle, 5L bottle or 1L bottle with hose attachment.