Acavallo Gel and PVC Anatomic Girth Short

Anatomically designed girth to allow freedom of movement


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Acavallo's Gel and PVC Anatomic Girth Short is contoured to fit round the elbow and maximise freedom of movement. With a sophisticated airflow pattern created by the individual shock absorbing gel pads which prevents pinching and relieves pressure allowing a a tight fit whilst keeping the girth comfortable for your horse. This improves flexion, breathability and reduces sweat build up. It also has fastening hook that is designed to eliminate need for additional snap hooks for martingales and breastplates. 


equus bullet Anatomically shaped to prevent restriction and rubbing. 

equus bullet Shock absorbing gel pockets to relieve pressure. 

equus bullet Elasticated buckles provide flexibility without changing saddle stability. 

equus bullet A patented Acavallo® safety fastening hook designed to eliminate need for additional snap hooks.

equus bullet Available in Black.

Care instructions

Wipe clean and store in a clean, dry place.

Size Guide

Available in sizes - 22" (55cm), 24" (60cm), 26" (65cm), 28" (70cm), 30" (75cm) or 32" (80cm).