Busse Professional Leather Training Roller


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Quality leather roller with a variety of training rings

This soft leather lunging roller from Busse is beautifully crafted with large wither pads and high clearance over the spine. It has a huge variety of rings for flexibility in the positioning of side reins, long lines or training aids.


equus bullet Softly padded leather

equus bullet Big pads for high withers clearance

equus bullet Double girth straps for a great fit

equus bullet Short, padded girth for maximum freedom through the elbow and less rubbing

equus bullet 2 x driving rings (keys) to sides for long-reining and in-hand work

equus bullet 4 x extra large D-rings at the top, middle either side and bottom, suitable for wide leather straps

equus bullet 2 x D-rings either side adjustable in height for all varieties of lunging

equus bullet 8 x big D-rings to thread through a lunge or attach side-reins

equus bullet Available in Black.

Suggested uses

Lunging, training, ground work.

Size Guide

Available in one size - full. Width: 10cm, Circumference: 170cm - 240cm).