Busse Cotton Lunging Aid


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Cotton rope lunging tool that helps to encourage stretching

This special training aid from Busse is made from a soft braided, round cotton rope and helps to encourage a forwards, downward stretching posture on the lunge.


equus bullet Special rein made from softly spun braided cotton rope 

equus bullet No girth needed

equus bullet Extends freely over the withers and from the back through the front legs up to the bit

equus bullet The cord ends are brought together at a ring in the lower chest area

equus bullet Carabiner hooks for clipping onto the bit rings

equus bullet Fully adjustable

equus bullet Available in a Neutral coloured rope with Black cords.

Suggested uses


Size Guide

Available in three sizes: 

M – length 2.70m - 3.40m

L – length 3.10m - 3.90m

XL – length 3.60m - 4.60m