Acavallo Arena Alupro Safety Stirrups

Non-slip tread horse riding stirrups made from lightweight aluminium


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If you're looking for a clever pair of coloured stirrups but don't want to compromise on safety, look no further than the Acavallo Arena Alupro Safety Stirrups. These stylish and lightweight stirrups have an patented polyamide side-opening arm that opens in the event of a fall, preventing your foot from getting stuck. The innovative HiFlex stress-activated lock and release mechanism has been extensively tested and certified by TUVRheinland in Germany and can easily be reengaged with the reliable "one click" system after it has been triggered. The rest of stirrup is constructed from a single piece of integrated metal, while the pad is made from polyamide and the non-slip stirrup tread is stainless steel, creating a strong and reliable safety stirrup that is less rigid than more conventional designs. The springing stirrup bow and foot support absorb even sudden downward force impacts exerted as you ride, providing relief for ankles, knees, hips and foot arches, and making this a great pair of stirrups for riders with orthopaedic problems.


equus bullet Extremely stable, high quality, lightweight, aluminium Acavallo stirrups.

equus bullet Stirrup irons featuring an innovative arm on the outside shaft that opens in the event of a fall and easily and securely closes once it has been triggered. 

equus bullet Sprung stirrup bow and foot support relieves tension in the hips, knees, ankles and foot arches, making these one of the best stirrups for knee pain sufferers.

equus bullet Super long lasting stirrup pad made of stainless steel gives perfect grip.

equus bullet Horse stirrups with outstanding safety and design.

equus bullet Looking for on-trend rose gold stirrups? The Acavallo Arena stirrups are available in Rose Gold, Charcoal, Silver, Blue, Brown, Titanium, or Red to suit your tack and your style.

We say

Acavallo Alupro Safety Stirrups are fashionable and functional. This pair of lightweight safety stirrups will catch everyone's eye and reassure you in the event of a fall. And it's one of the few pairs of rose gold safety stirrups on the market. Want to learn more about this exceptional brand? Read our Brand Spotlight on Acavallo, or shop our full Acavallo range.

Suggested uses

General riding, hacking, schooling, lessons, clinics, competitions, show jumping, dressage, eventing, hunting.


Aluminium / polyamide.

Size Guide

Available in one size.

Tread length -11cm

Height between tread and bow - 12.75cm

Base of stirrup length - 15cm.