Horse Vices - Under £25

Many horses and ponies are prone to developing undesirable habits known as "vices". Often caused by boredom, hunger, or excess energy, vices can include wind-sucking, crib biting, and weaving, and can lead to health issues for your horse. While these issues are more common in stabled horses, they can become a habit in the field as well. We offer a wide range of products designed to help deter these behaviours, which can be combined with our boredom busters to create a happy horse. 

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Lincoln Stop Cribbing Grease

One time purchase $22

NAF Crib Stop

One time purchase $20

Lincoln Stop Cribbing Liquid

One time purchase $17

Lincoln Stop Cribbing Paint

One time purchase $26

Hydrophane Cribox

One time purchase from $16

Hydrophane Cribox Liquid

One time purchase $20

Hydrophane Cribstix

One time purchase $10

Hydrophane Cribox Paint

One time purchase from $12

Lincoln Crib Biting Preventative

One time purchase $20

Thomas Pettifer Yukkabed

One time purchase $12