LeMieux Merino+ Full Monty GP Numnah


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'The Full Monty'! Luxurious, thick, fleece lined saddle pad

This gorgeous LeMieux general purpose numnah has soft, dense Merino wool under the weight bearing areas of the pad. The beautiful lambswool provides excellent cushioning and breathability without excessive bulk under the saddle. Full rolled edges except where the girth passes.


equus bullet Finest quality Merino wool

equus bullet Reduced wool thickness under the leg

equus bullet Dense and soft wool

equus bullet Swan-Neck and clear spine relieves pressure, improves air flow and fit

equus bullet Signature re-inforced girth area prevents staining and wear

equus bullet Available in White (with Natural Wool), Brown (with Brown Wool), Black (with Black Wool) or Black with Natural Wool.

We Say

This is quite possibly one of the nicest things that you could put under your saddle! LeMieux means 'The Best' in French...we think this pad lives up to it's name.

Suggested uses

Competitions, dressage, show jumping, eventing, hunting, schooling, lessons, clinics.


Australian Merino Lambskin with cotton outer fabric.

The technical bit

Typically, lambswool has problems associated with the skin getting hard and brittle. On LeMieux saddle pads, the lambswool has been removed from its skin and integrated with a unique backing fabric that can expand & contract, whilst retaining its inbuilt strength. The fabric aids wicking & moisture control, each fibre holding up to 30% its weight, keeping the surface of the back cool & dry. Temperature variations are also minimised. The density and consistent depth of the wool means it offers a perfect fit. Its dynamic nature also means it moves and remoulds to the horse's shape without too much bulk - but do follow the care instructions below.

Care Instructions

Follow these steps to care for your LeMieux Lambskin Pad:

equus bullet Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stiff brush

equus bullet Rub human hair conditioner (ideally for dry hair) generously over lambskin areas

equus bullet Machine wash at 30°C on a cool or wool cycle, or hand wash

equus bullet Use a non-biological powder or liquid

equus bullet Straighten/flatten cotton fabric after washing

equus bullet Air dry near heat source. Never tumble dry

equus bullet Avoid using strong fabric conditioners

Your lambskin pad will last for years if washed carefully on a wool cycle (maximum temperature of 30°C), or by hand. Use a non-biological powder or liquid. Pour several capfuls of human hair conditioner over the underside of the lambskin prior to placing in the machine.

Note: always air dry. DO NOT tumble dry or place directly on a heat source.

Size Guide

Available in Cob (M) or Full (L). For detailed measurements please see our LeMieux Fully Lined GP Numnah size guide.