Stubbs Collapsible Tack Trolley


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Smartly designed collapsible tack trolley

This Stubbs Collapsible Tack Trolley is a smart design that folds down or rebuilds in less than 10 seconds. Designed to carry 2 bridles and one or two saddles, the lower tray has a 2 cm lip all round to contain tack boxes, etc. Includes large 20cm wheels. Black stubbyfine coated steel construction. 


equus bullet Rebuilds or folds in less than 10 seconds

equus bullet Carries 2 briddles

equus bullet Carries 2 saddles 

equus bullet Large 20 cm wheels

equus bullet Black stubbyfine coated steel construction 

Suggested uses

Suitable for transporting your riding gear at training or competitions easily. 

Size Guide

Height: 31 cm

Length: 99 cm

Width: 56 cm

When Folded: 

Height: 98 cm

Length: 84 cm

Width: 56 cm