Fly Away Defleqt Midge Away Cream

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A powerful, natural formula that is proven to work

Help your horse to avoid the misery of midge bites by applying this Fly Away cream early in the season, so that a resistance to midges can be built up offering longer lasting protection. Midge Away is a totally natural midge repellent and can be applied to the coat, mane, tail, belly, ears and legs to help ease the suffering.


equus bullet Super strength, natural formula that is proven to work

equus bullet Stops the itch rub cycle by repelling all midges, biting insects and flies

equus bullet Aids problems caused by midge bite reactions

equus bullet HSE approved for safety and effectiveness

equus bullet Contains no banned substances.

We Say

This natural cream is pleasant and easy to use and will help to keep your horse relaxed and comfortable throughout the summer months.

Suggested uses

Turn out, everyday riding, competitions.

Size Guide

Available in a 400ml or 1L bottle.