Different British Eventing Levels

If you’re like me, you look at Eventing from afar and wonder if you could ever, in your wildest dreams, have a go.  The starting point, as with all things such as this, is to do a bit of research.  So that is exactly what I did! In this first article on Levels of Eventing, I focus on the lower levels and show you what you can expect. Read on!

Levels of Eventing in the UK

In the UK, there are six levels of affiliated Eventing.  These cater for all levels of horse and rider:   

  • BE80(T) - the introductory level of competition into the sport of Eventing. Fences are a height of 80cm and a British Eventing Accredited Coach is on hand at each competition to help and support competitors free of charge.
  • BE90 – previously known as BE Intro. A reasonably recent addition to the eventing calendar and is ideal for those new to the sport.
  • BE100 – previously known as BE Pre Novice, this is designed for horses who have won two or more BE100 events but whose riders are not yet ready to make the step up to Novice.
  • Novice - once the lowest level of BE, fences at this level are noticeably larger and more technical.
  • Intermediate - designed for competitors and horses with some experience at lower levels or for experienced riders and horses new to the sport.
  • Advanced - an examination of increasing technical difficulty, preparing competitors and horses for two star events. More to follow about the CIC and CCI starred events – which is even more of a mystery to me!

Handy Summary Table

The table below gives you a flavour for what to expect at the three lower level (note - mpm is metres per minute):

Different levels of British Eventing 

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