Welcome to the EQUUS Eventing Extravaganza!

Welcome to the Equus Eventing Extravaganza

Welcome to the EQUUS Eventing Extravaganza!

Over the coming days, weeks and months we'll be bringing you up-to-the-minute news about Eventing and inviting you to take part in some cracking competitions and sending you great giveaways.

We can promise thrills, spills and excitement and something for everyone!

Over the coming days we'll be setting up a dedicated area on our site where you can catch up with all the news. 

Sign up for news about our Eventing Extravaganza and we'll let you know about all our great competitions, giveaways and blog articles we'll be publishing during the season!


Kim Horton

Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.

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