The 3 best Sweet Itch Rugs for 2021

The 3 Best Sweet Itch Rugs For 2021

At present there is no cure for sweet itch. Once an animal develops the allergy it generally faces a ‘life-sentence’. Every spring, summer and autumn are a distressing time for horse and owner alike. The horse’s comfort and wellbeing are down to the owner’s management.

When it comes to managing it, there are actually two things within your gift that you can do:

Invest in a sweet itch rug: When it comes to managing a horse or pony with sweet itch, keeping them covered and protected from midges is of paramount importance. A sweet itch rug will provide the best protection from midges as these are made of fine mesh fabric that prevents the midges from getting to your horse. Standard fly rugs just won’t do as they are not made of fine mesh fabric.

Beat the first bite: Follow the weather closely from 1st February as any warm and wet days will bring the midges out. So you need to beat the first bite by putting on your sweet itch rug before they appear.


Shires Highlander Plus Sweet Itch Combo Fly Rug

Shires Highlander Plus Sweet Itch Combo Fly Rug

Lightweight and breathable; grazing-friendly hood; super large tail flap;
600 denier hardwearing fabric blocks at least 90% UV radiation; anti-rub lining,  chest straps; shoulder gussets; adjustable belly and fillet straps.


HKM Zebra Eczema Combo Fly Rug

HKM Zebra Eczema Combo Fly Rug

Zebra stripes scientifically proven to deter biting insects; quality,
stretch knitted fabric; breathable; adjustable neck cover; fitted belly guard.


Busse Complete Plus Eczema Combo Fly Rug

Busse Complete Plus Eczema Combo Fly Rug

Specially woven fabric; quick-drying; breathable; mane, tail, chest and
withers lined with smooth nylon satin; individually detachable leg parts; wide, anatomically-formed belly cover, elasticated and adjustable in length.

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