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Horseware vamoose technology fly rugs

Fly season is not far away. So, if you need a new fly rug this year, now’s the time to start looking to see what’s available. The Horseware Vamoose range of rugs combine advanced colour technology with their powerful insect control. If you haven’t heard about either of these, read on to find out more.

Vamoose Technology

Horseware’s innovative Vamoose technology involves the rugs being treated with an effective and powerful anti-insect technology called Permethrin. This does not stop insects from initially landing on the rug, but once they have landed on it once, they will not return. It will not adversely affect your horse and will last on the rug for up to 25 washes.

Exclusive to Horseware, take a look at the range that is now available with Vamoose technology.

Advanced Colour Technology

Recent studies have discovered that insects can be attracted to certain colours and repelled by others. They are naturally attracted to yellows and whites, but also to large blocks of dark colour resembling hides or rumps. However, colours such as light green or aqua, mixed with orange won’t register when seen in the UV spectrum, meaning that insects are deterred from these colour combinations and are less likely to land on rugs of this colour.

The latest colour technology paired with the unwavering Vamoose technology has resulted in leading products at the forefront of equine insect-repellent control.

Amigo Vamoose Evolution Fly Rug

The Amigo Vamoose Evolution Fly Rug includes loads of technical features to help keep your horse as comfortable and cool as possible during the summer. It is very lightweight, super soft and comfortable for your horse to wear and offers excellent coverage with a supersized tail flap with silky lining, full coverage belly flap, three straight surcingles and integrated neck cover, featuring Horseware’s disc-front closure. The rug also has sun reflecting properties which will protect your horse from harmful UV rays. The fabric has been treated with Horseware’s Vamoose insect control technology and comes in two colours which have been chosen specifically because they naturally deter insects from landing on it. This is because flies cannot perceive the colours orange or aqua and therefore, will not be attracted to these rugs.

 Amigo Vamoose Evolution Fly Rug

Amigo Three-In-One Evolution Vamoose Waterproof Combo Fly Rug

The Amigo Three-In-One Evolution Vamoose is an ingenious waterproof turnout rug and revolutionary fly protection rug rolled into one and will take your horse from spring through to autumn. It’s designed in orange and aqua which are colours that flies are unable to process, and therefore less likely to land on. It features a waterproof and breathable top section across the horse’s neck and back to protect from any showers, whilst the side panels feature a polyester net mesh which enable excellent airflow whilst keeping those annoying little flying insects away. The rug is treated with Horseware’s Vamoose technology to repel any flies which do happen to land on the rug.

Amigo Three-In-One Evolution Vamoose Waterproof Combo Fly Rug 

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horseware vamoose fly rugs


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