5 of the best Fly Rugs for 2020

5 of the best fly rugs for 2020

Throughout the summer months, flies and midges can make your horse's life miserable. To protect your horse from nasty bites, selecting the best fly rug is essential. Know what you are looking for? Shop our full range of Fly and Sweet Itch Rugs here.

The question is, which one is the perfect fly rug for your particular horse, as there are just so many to choose from. We've put together five of the best fly rugs for spring and summer 2020. This is based on what fellow equestrians are buying, technology, quality and value for money. We think you’ll agree that your horse will be fully protected during the fly season with any one of these great fly rugs. 


Busse Paddock Comfort Zebra Fly Sheet

Busse Paddock Comfort Zebra Fly Sheet

Zebra striped fly rugs are scientifically proven to protect against insects. 

Wide, anatomically formed belly cover with elasticated, adjustable surcingles. 

Generous, lined tail cover. 


Rambo Vamoose® Fly Buster Fly Rug With Detachable Neck Cover

Rambo Vamoose Fly Buster Detachable Neck Fly Rug

Reliable Rambo fly rug with Vamoose® insect control technology. 

Shoulder, mane and tail lining to prevent rubbing.

Made from super soft, hard wearing fabric. 


Amigo Three-In-One Evolution Vamoose Waterproof Combo Fly Rug 

Amigo 3 in 1 Evolution Vamoose Waterproof Combo Fly Rug

Tough 900D ripstop waterproof and breathable upper panel makes this a great fly rug in the rain. Deep net sides allow airflow.

Treated with Vamoose® for added fly protection.

Combo neck design with Surefit front closure. 


Loveson Fly Rug Combo

Loveson Fly Rug Combo  

All-in-one combo neck fly rug with mane and shoulder lining.

Extra large belly flap with three surcingles.

Longer tail flap.   


JHL Essential Combo Fly Rug 

 JHL Essential Combo Fly Rug 

Breathable, durable fly rug made from tight weave mesh fabric.

Adjustable low cross surcingles.  

Visit our Fly Rugs Collection to find a wide range of the best fly rugs for horses of all shapes, sizes and needs. If you're looking for recommendations for a fly rug you can ride in, take a look at our blog, What's The Best Ride-On Fly Rug For Your Horse?

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  • sandie baker posted on May 26 2020 at 02:05 PM

    Good morning, I have a standardbred horse with massive shoulders and an trying to find a fly rug that will accommodate Them without bursting the seams. Do I prefer to have rugs with shoulder pleats anyway and have been looking at the Busse zebra print fly rug. Can you recommend something for what is essentially a thoroughbred with the shoulders of a cob? Thank you

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