5 Best Summer Riding Gloves for 2019

5 best summer horse riding gloves

You can spot a rider in a crowd in the summer by many things but most notably their tan lines. Equestrians might wear jeans and a conveniently cut top to fool others into thinking that underneath there’s an all over tan, but there's one thing that they cannot hide: a glove tan.

To anyone who’s not horsey, wearing gloves in the warm weather sounds like madness. However, as riders we know how important gloves can be even in the sweltering heat. Designed to protect a rider’s hands from friction, blisters or burns that can occur along with the statutory secure grip, none of these requirements change when the temperature soars.

Most riders have plenty of pairs of winter riding gloves but nothing or hardly anything for the summer. Most riders probably think that the selection of summer riding gloves just consists of the old favourite - the crotchet glove with the leather palm! They’re not aware that the range has moved on massively since then.

Unique and exclusive glove often imitated but never equalled.
 Roeckl Chester Gloves
Breathable, elastic and supple that fits like a second skin, looks fantastic and gives excellent grip and feel.
Summer riding glove fits like a second skin that offers good grip and great tactility on the reins.
Roeckl Laila Gloves
Lightweight, tan-through suntan™ mesh on the backhand with a palm made from a highly breathable fabric. 


Perfect glove for both day-to-day use and competing in warmer weather.

Ariat Air Grip Gloves

Stretch mesh uppers for breathability and comfort on warmer days.


Great glove suitable for everyday use in warmer weather.

Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Glove

Breathable stretch mesh fabric ensures a perfect fit and allows maximum ventilation.  


Distinctive best selling glove that’s still as popular as ever. 

  Mountain Horse Ladies Crochet Glove II

 Pigskin palms paired with 100% cotton crochet for cool comfort and ideal for riding in warmer months.

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