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Show Accessories for Horses

Posted on 02 June 2015 by Kim

Show accessories for horses

So you think you've finally got everything to go out and compete your horse in a competition. Or have you? Remember there are things that you need for your horse as well! Sorry but your horse needs accessories too…

A Number

When you arrive at a competition, the first thing you need to do is let the organisers know that you’ve arrived or, in equestrian speak, you need to 'declare' your arrival. In return you will be allocated a ‘number’. Your number enables the judge to identify who you are. You and/or your horse must wear the number you’re given otherwise you may be eliminated.  Most riders opt for a number on their bridle.  Equetech do a very smart, no fuss one where the numbers are easily attached to a velcro panel. An alternative is the Equidisc Bridle Number which is available with three or four numbers and, what's more, it's approved for use in British Dressage competitions.

Equetech Bridle Competition Numbers   Equidisc Bridle Number   Equidisc Bridle Number

 If you prefer the number on your saddle pad, Mark Todd do a very soft dressage saddle pad with numbers.

    Mark Todd Competition Dressage Pad

A Saddle Pad

If you’re affiliating, most riders go for a white saddle pad. However other colours like cream or discreet dark colours are permitted. One of our best-selling saddle pads is from Le Mieux.  It’s a best seller because of its outstanding quality and value.  Once again if you prefer something a little cheaper and thinner, HKM do a great range of dressage saddle pads.

 LeMieux Dressage Saddle Pad    HKM Dressage Saddle Cloth with Gold Piping

Ear Bonnets

I think it was show jumpers who first started the trend for ear bonnets!  It’s now progressed in to the world of dressage. Consequently they're extremely popular. HKM have a great range with a choice of very plain like the one on the left below or something a bit fancier like the one on the right with a bit of bling!

HKM Ear Bonnet      LeMieux Diamante Fly Hoods


When you’re warming up your horse it’s acceptable to wear brushing boots as you would as if you were schooling at home.  And when at a competition, most riders tend to wear white. The brushing boot of choice for many, is Woof Wear’s basic and best-selling Club Boot.  If you prefer a boot that supports the tendon as well as the fetlock, LeMieux’s Prosport Boot fits most horses well. 

       Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots        LeMieux ProSport Boots


If it’s a big competition and you’re feeling confident that you’re going to be in the ribbons, most horses wear bandages for the photos and the parade.  If you want the best quality, choose LeMieux's luxury polo bandages or alternatively Woof Wear offer a similar bandage

      Woof Wear Polo Bandages     LeMieux Luxury Fleece Bandages

Over Reach Boots

As with bandages, many winners who expect to be in the ribbons, tend to go the whole hog and wear overreach boots as well. So make sure you too look the part and take your best overreach boots with you.  It’s white, white, white all the way I’m afraid.  So go with white again to match your white boots or bandages.  Once again, Le Mieux have a great selection, with or without a beautiful Merino lambskin collar! 

LeMieux Lambskin Over Reach Boots   LeMieux Leather Wrap Round Over Reach Boots

In summary

If money was no object, you’d probably buy all of the above! For many riders, however, like myself, this is simply not possible.  So my advice is this: start with the essentials, like the saddle pad, and then perhaps ask for the other bits for birthdays and Christmas. It’ll take time but you’ll get there in the end… like most things with horses!



Kim Horton

Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.


  • june craig posted on September 01 2016 at 06:09 PM

    A white saddle cloth is not a prerequisite for affiliated dressage. White, cream or a discrete dark colour or a numnah in previous colours with bridle number.

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