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What to wear during Autumn hunting

Posted on 29 September 2014 by Kim

 what to wear when out hunting

Every hunt has two seasons: Autumn hunting, formerly known as cubbing, and the Main Season.  The Autumn Hunting season starts in September and runs through to October.  During this period horses and hounds are conditioned and trained.  Most hunts allow an informal attire called the "Ratcatcher" during this time.  It is possible that this term came from the attire which the "ratcatcher" or "terrier man" wore. He was probably a crofter and followed the hunt across his land. When a fox went to ground the terrier man, would send his terrier into the covert to kill the fox. Read more about the history of fox hunting in our last blog.

During Autumn Hunting, there is very little difference regarding the attire of gentlemen and ladies.  A well-fitting tweed coat is the basis of the Ratcatcher.  Breeches or jodhpurs need to be buff, light brown or yellow but not white. You can either wear a shirt and neck tie or a coloured hunting tie/stock secured with a plain pin. You can see some examples of hunting attire in our equestrian hunting wear collection here.

Things to remember

  • Be warm and dry
  • Be clean and smart
  • You are going into the countryside not the show ring
  • Enjoy yourself.

Things to avoid

  • Hats with reflective strips
  • Ready-tied stocks
  • White breeches (unless you are allowed to wear a red coat).
  • Show jackets
  • White stocks with Ratcatcher
  • Fancy stock pins
  • Bright coloured hat silks

Need some inspiration?

We've put together a couple of Equestrian Look Books for men and women.. view our Hunting For Her and Hunting For Him equestrian clothing collections today!

Want to know what to wear during the Main Season?

Read our next blog post in this series which describes what hunting attire you need for Main Season hunting.


Kim Horton

Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.

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